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SystemNet Communications have been installing and maintaining telephone systems in Ireland since 2002. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, cost effective communications solutions for our clients.

Every business communication requirement is different. Whether you need a simple, digital system with traditional desk based handsets, or an advanced IP based network communications platform, SystemNet has an office telephone system that can fit your business needs.

Focusing on ease of use, excellent audio quality and superb reliability, our telephone systems can be configured in a variety of different ways to ensure you get a solution that meets your specific requirements.

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A Communication Platform solution suitable for every businessTelephone Systems

There’s a Communication Platform that is ideal for your business whether you are in need of a digital system with handsets for one office, or full IP voice communication system solution capable of serving multiple office locations across the globe. Communicating with colleagues wherever they are is made easier with telephone Communication Platforms such as the Panasonic KX-NS1000 capable of integrating with smartphones and tablets, offering built in voicemail, high quality sound and reliability.

If you want to combine a more traditional telephone system with IP technology, Panasonic's Hybrid Communication Platforms or Hybrid Telephone Systems allow you to continue using standard digital and analogue telephones alongside new technology. Ultimately flexible, they allow you to control costs as you progress from older, to new technology solutions at a pace that suits your business needs.

If you are just starting out in business, the Panasonic New Business Editions are designed for smaller businesses like yours, providing digital or VoIP telephone network solutions for up to 16 users with voicemail and integration with your PC’s.

And our Analogue Phone Systems are highly flexible, capable of handling multiple analogue lines and extensions and by being fully programmable, provide your business with the telephone system you need.


A choice of handsets, voicemail and communication applications to choose from

We offer a comprehensive range of telephones to complement your Panasonic Communication Platform, whichever solution you choose. From SIP Telephones and IP Telephones to Digital Phones, headset options and conference room phones, you can be confident we can provide everything you need to make communication easier to manage.

Our highly flexible Panasonic Voicemail Systems can help to cut customer call waiting times and boost customer care storing external and internal messages to help your staff stay on top of their work, and the Panasonic communication application software allows your workforce to communicate effectively whether they are in the office, working at home or working on the move.


Installation & TrainingTelephone System Installers

Our installers apply years of experience and best practices to each installation. Where there are large numbers of extensions, spreadsheet questionnaires are filled out by the client providing us with detailed information about each user (e.g. extension number, name, class of service, voicemail box, etc.). Speed-dial lists can also be copied to the system database.

We can liaise with eircom and other providers to ensure the installation of your phone system is co-ordinated with the installation or upgrade of their services. This close co-operation ensures minimum down time during the installation of your telephone system.

Following the installation of a new phone system, we provide all users with full training to ensure they get the most out of their new system. The training includes practical on-site demonstration of all the basic features (e.g. making, receiving & transferring calls, accessing voicemail, etc.) and demonstration of advanced features & special applications which may be used by system operators and supervisors. Full system documentation and user manuals are also provided.


Maintenance & Support

At SystemNet, we believe that service is critical to ensuring our users receive a rewarding experience. That’s why our technology is backed by expert service, pre- and post-sales.

In our opinion, service is never a reactive function. We offer support to our customers through the buying process with specialist advice from the outset, to help you reach decisions that are wholly relevant to your business. We provide free maintenance & support for the first year on all new systems. After the first year we offer very competitive yearly maintenance plans to protect your investment long after the manufacturers' warranty has expired.

Telephone System MaintenanceOur customers log faults and job requests by emailing support@systemnet.ie or by calling (01) 495 1595. Staff at our System Management Centre in Dublin trouble-shoot problems via remote access, telephone support, or if necessary despatch a technician to the site.

SystemNet can also provide cover on your existing telephone system. If a major fault occurs, the yearly maintenance plan would cover such an occurrence instead of a costly unplanned system failure.




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So whatever your needs, we have a Communication Platform solution to support your business. If you’d like to find out more about individual products in our telephone system range please feel free to browse our products pages or give us a call.


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