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Panasonic KX-UDT131 Rugged Cordless Phone

  • 1.8 inch colour LCD
  • IP65 compliant dust protection and splash resistance
  • Shock resistant
  • VoIP Support
  • 500 phone book address/20 last dialled number memory
  • Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Vibration call alert
  • Built-in Bluetooth



The KX-UDT131 is for communication in tough environments as it´s protected from drops on concrete floors and dust from diesel engines. This model also has built-in Bluetooth support allowing a wireless headset to be used so you can have a phone conversation while working with both hands and it’s designed to be operated even with a gloved hand.

To ensure efficient, comfortable and clear communication, the KX-UDT131 DECT handset is equipped with a noise reduction function, which can be enabled at the press of a button. This function reduces surrounding noise and makes the speaker’s voice far easier to hear and understand. Additionally, the KX-UDT131 automatically adjusts the receiver volume to an easy-to-hear level if it detects noise when moving from a quiet place to a noisy place, providing comfortable voice calls without stress.

Product Brochure: Panasonic SIP DECT Brochure

Compatible With: Telephone Systems and Cloud PBX

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